Games in Glenville


You get around 30 elastic bands and tie them together so that it will look like a big circle. You need 3 people to play, or 2chairs and 1 person. You put the 2 chairs or two people at either side and put the elastic at their ankles and work up and up when you have finished it. Then the other person jumps on the first line, then the second line and then you jump in between the line you just jumped on, then you jump in between the first line. Then you start at the beginning again and put your leg under the first line then you put your leg over the second line and bring your leg back {with your leg in the elastic}, to the starting point. You put your 2 feet on the elastic that you had just brought back. Then you try to jump on the first line.

By Jean Meehan


Picke is a game where you would draw around six boxes on the ground and put numbers in them but the numbers couldn’t be in order they had to be jumbled up. Then you would have to get a bottle cap or a stone and try and kick it with one leg in the air. What ever number it landed on would be the number of points you would get.

Link the wall

One person is on and if that person catches you then the two of you have to link arms and try to catch the other people playing.

By Laura Healy


One person gets a coin. The other person playing would put their fist on a flat surface. The person with the coin would hit the knuckles of the other player. The first person’s knuckles to bleed was the loser.

By Laura Healy


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