The Manor house and wall

The Manor House which is located in the centre of the village, was built over 200 years ago .In early days it was the focal point of the village, the villagers were both tenants and workers of the Estate which was owned by the Coppingers family and was first known as Coppingers House.

Sir Edward Kenehen was the next land lord and it was he who named it the Manor House. Many crafts men worked for him such as blacksmiths, Weaver and stone masons on the estate.

During the years leading up to the 1 916 rising,the estate was occupied by the British Army and they were commonly known as “The Black and Tans.” They used the Estate as a base camp.

In 1949 the Estate was taken over by its present owner Bence Jones. Mark Bence Jones does not live full-time in the Manor. He divides his time between England and Ireland.

By Dylan Corbett

The wall guarding the manor was built in the Famine time, around the year 1846. The people living there were the Hudsons. In every field there were a few houses. Several people lived in the fields, those famililes worked on the farm.

Loads of families helped build the wall, some were even Americans!!! Some people were hired and paid, others were not, then there was a big argument. Some of the houses behind the manor were first ever built and still stand to this very day!!! But still the manor standing this very day has been the biggest house in Glenville for centuries!

By Laura Healy


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