Anti-Bullying Statement


The school has specific policies to deal with bullying behaviour.

Following the Board of Management meeting on 14th March 2014, The Board has adopted the Anti-Bullying procedures as outlined by the Department of Education and Skills.


Bullying is repeated aggressive behaviour – physical, verbal or psychological- of a systematic or ongoing nature, conducted by individuals or groups against others.

Bullying behaviour includes;

Physical aggression, damage to property, extortion, intimidation, name calling, isolation and slagging.


Research on bullying identifies low self-esteem as a characteristic of both bullies and their victims.

The school attempts at all times to foster a positive attitude in pupils towards fellow pupils and the education process in general. We also try to encourage a positive self image in the individual child. The school ethos emphasizes the acceptance of responsibility by children for their own actions and progress.

The children are encouraged not to tolerate irresponsible or aggressive behaviour. They are also encouraged to tell the teacher- either their class teacher of the teacher on yare duty- when confronted by such behaviour.

We believe this ethos of itself helps to counter bullying.


The system of supervision in place in the school is a deterrent to bullies. The children are supervised both in class and at play, and all untoward behaviour is monitored.

Incidents of bullying reported to teachers are investigated. Serious incidents re referred to the Principal. In these cases parents will also be informed. Serious cases of bullying will be noted in the School Incident Book, and will be dealt with under the School Code of Discipline.

While efforts will be made to meet the emotional and other needs of bullies and their victims, it must be stated that the resources necessary to do this are not available within the school.


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