Dealing with Issues

Our school wants the children to do well and be happy. We recognise that you as a parent/guardian play an important part in making in making this happen. Therefore, we aim to provide as many opportunities to keep you informed and involved in your child’s progress as we possibly can. Regular reports, contacts, school journals and Gazettes all help the process. Questions and concerns are usually dealt with quickly and helpfully. The pupil’s journal is usually the first point of contact. However, we recognise that there are times when things go wrong, when concerns continue and differences of opinion develop. These can usually be resolved by speaking to the right person. Most concerns can be settled without too much trouble, but whatever the issue, even where you are seriously concerned about your child’s future at the school, it is always important to try to find an answer. Disruption to a child’s education would be the most damaging result of all.

When an issue arises that you feel needs to be dealt with, you should contact the Office to arrange a meeting with the relevant class teacher. (Issues related to Special Needs Assistants should in the first instance be addressed to the class teacher.

It is not generally possible to see parents who just “pop in”. It is always best to try to make an appointment where you can sit and talk things through calmly and without interruption. The practice of parents approaching classrooms directly during teaching time is discouraged. Conducting interviews at the classroom door while simultaneously supervising a class of children, is not conductive to open communication and is not appropriate.

Routine communications matters with teachers e.g. Dental Appointments, school absences, etc, should be done in writing.


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