Homework Policy



Homework has a value in reinforcing, in a different environment, concepts learned in class. Homework develops a discipline in the child, and helps him/her develop skills in finding and mastering information from sources other than textbooks.

Homework also gives parents the opportunity to view and monitor their child’s progress.

It is school policy to give homework.




Homework is given at the discretion of the class teacher. Homework is based on what has been taught in school during the day or on previous days. Occasionally, where it is felt the child possesses the necessary skills, a creative task or one involving research may be given.

Due regard is taken of the child’s age and ability.

Children are expected to give equal regard to content and presentation of their work. Equal regard must also be given, where required, to reading, spelling and rote learning, as to written work. All homework is checked and corrected.

In the event of homework not being done, parents are expected to provide a note of explanation.

Where children are unable to complete homework, or are taking longer than seems reasonable, parents may allow them to stop, and inform the teacher by note the following day. Where a child is consistently having difficulty with homework, parents should approach the class teacher to talk about the situation.


Homework Journals / Diaries

Pupils from first to sixth classes are expected to have a school journal or homework diary. This is an important part of their equipment for school as it forms the first line of communication between home and the school.
Homework should be taken down in the appropriate place in the journal. It is the responsibility of each pupil to ensure that homework is taken
down correctly. Parents should check the journal regularly and sign as required by the class teacher.
Where homework is not done or incomplete, parents may use the appropriate section of the journal to write a note of explanation to the teacher.

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